Friday, January 8, 2010

On the Huh Crochet Square

On the Huh 12” block

The members of the Ravelry 12” Block a Month 2009 CAL have encouraged me to dust of my notes for this pattern, so that they could share it. This is my second attempt at pattern write-up, so again feedback is most welcome. So without further ado, here it is:

The name of this square is the local phrase for things that aren't lined up straight. If you are good with number patterns, you should pick up the triangle construction fairly easily.

The example was made with 2 colours of 100% cotton double knitting yarn on a 4.5mm hook to produce a square measuring 8” . These are the same measurements I get when following 12” square patterns designed for worsted weight yarn and a 5mm (H) or 5.5mm (I) hook.

American terminology used throughout.

Rnd 1: ch 5, join into ring with slip stitch into first ch.

Rnd 2: ch 2 (counts as first sc), sc into ring 15 times, join with slip stitch into 2nd chain.

Rnd 3: ch 4 (counts as first dc), * hdc, sc, hdc, dc * , then repeat from * to * twice, hdc, sc, hdc, join with slip stitch into 4th chain. Change colour.

Rnd 4: Join colour B on next stitch, * sc, hdc, dc, tr, ch4 *, and repeat from * to * three times. Join with slip stitch to first sc, and end colour.

Rnd 5: Join colour A at start of 4 chain loop. * (sc 2, hdc 2 in chain loop), dc 2, tr 2, ch4 *, and repeat from * to * three times. Join with slip stitch to first sc, and end colour.

Rnd 6: Join colour B at start of 4 chain loop. * (sc 3, hdc in chain loop), hdc 2, dc 3, tr 3, ch4 *, and repeat from * to * three times. Join with slip stitch to first sc, and end colour.

Rnd 7: Join colour A at start of 4 chain loop. * sc 4 in chain loop, hdc 4, dc 4, tr 4, ch4 *, and repeat from * to * three times. Join with slip stitch to first sc, and end colour.

Rnd 8: Join colour B at start of 4 chain loop. * sc 4 in chain loop, sc, hdc 5, dc 5, tr 5, ch4 *, and repeat from * to * three times. Join with slip stitch to first sc, and end colour.

Rnd 9: Dc in each stitch of previous round, and in chain loop dc, ch3, dc 4. Join with slip stitch to first dc. End colour.

Rnd 10: Join colour A in corner loop. Ch 4 (counts as first dc), ch 3, dc in same corner loop, % * ch1, skip next stitch, dc *, repeat from * to * until corner loop, dc, ch3, dc, %. Repeat from % to % twice, and from * to * once more, joining with slip stitch into 4th chain.

Rnd 11: Dc 5 in each corner loop, and dc 2 into each chain space of previous round.

Rnd 12: Sc 3 in each corner dc from previous round, and sc into every other stitch. Finish off.


Kimberly said...

You should start getting some action here! I just finished this square and posted it on the 2009 & 2010 BAM CAL boards on Ravelry.

Love it! Turned out great!

kimmie said...

I THINK that square is looking awesome!!! Can't wait to try it!

patrizia57 said...

I really like the look of this square and it's now on my must try list. Thanks for sharing

Cosmiccreepers said...

I've been looking for this square for weeks now since I found some in the Rav 2009 CAL. Thank you for sharing your design, I love it!

Wendy said...

Hey, that's pretty cool - thanks for sharing!

Mercedes said...

Love this square! And I really dig the name. :-)

Zil said...

It is many years since I heard that expression "on the huh", in East Anglia. Thanks for reminding me about it, and for the pattern - looks good :-)

Suzanne said...

your square.
Are you familiar with "Wooly Thoughts" and their Curve of Pursuit afghan?

Allison said...

Thank you for sharing your pattern. It is unique. I'll be using it for my Ravelry swap.

lindevrouw said...

Thank you for the pattern from this very nice square! I really love it very much! i wonna try it too!

manystraits said...

Love this square! Can you tell me the skill level for this pattern?

IvoryKeys said...

I really like this square too! It's very unique and I think my preteen daughter will love an afghan made up with her favorite colors with this pattern.

sdreamcatcher said...

AWESOME DESIGN!! I just finished round 7 and plan on making lots of these for my sister's afghan :)

Lee Ann said...

This is a beautiful square. Thank you very much! :)
Lee Ann H
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Nicola Trumbull said...


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Elizabeth Pedersen said...

Thanks so much for giving us your pattern! I hate it when I see a cool project with no hints on how to make it myself. I appreciate your generosity!

jecameron said...

I am working on this square right now, i love it!!! I have to make a baby afghan for a friend and didnt want to do something i would always do i wanted something different so i googled granny squares and found this little beauty. I think the pattern is ok, although i had to translate, i have had no issues following the pattern :)

Trudy Mintun said...

A great square! I can't wait to use it in a blanket I am making.

darlene said...

Thanks for sharing the pattern! Have just started a full-sized blanket using Black and White; love the contrast!!

Evelyn Taylor said...

thanks for sharing this pattern , can't wait to see how it turns out xxx