Monday, 31 March 2008

Spin and dye

So I went to the Stitch and Craft show at Olympia on Friday. I was supposed to be a knitting focused day - but the only concession to that appeared to be that the free draw prizes for the day were provided by Simply Knitting magazine. So I wandered around once without buying anything, and lacking inspiration decided to book a workshop instead.

The workshop was a revelation. Using a hand held spindle I learnt how to spin silk into yarn. Although it sounds pretty straight forward, the technique is all in getting the thickness of the yarn as consistent as you can and applying the right amount of twist so that the finished yarn is useable. So here is my first finished spindle. I have another couple of colours ready to spin, and have to decide what I'm going to do with the yarn as to whether I should ply this with itself or mix the colours. But I'm converted.

Also over the weekend my daughter and I decided to get the Kool Aid out, and dye the first batch of wool from the lovely stash acquired from Mel as part of the Swap. So this is our grape and strawberry mix. We're really pleased with the result so far, again just need to work out what the end product is going to be.


starry said...

I'm thinking of starting spinning, is it hard with a drop spindle? I neither have the funds nor space for a wheel...

woolydoodles said...

Nice spinning(I nearly sent you a spindle and some roving as part of your parcel!),the only advice I'd give you re spindle spinning is to pre then you can concentrate on what else is going on.
Love the dye job...I sent you an extra 50g of dk to the kit as I thought it would be easier to find something to knit with a larger amount...easy fingerless gloves?
hope tuesday went well...sorry not been in touch sooner but had a very bad few days health wise but recovering now.
take care
love n hugs
Mel x