Monday, 18 February 2008

More WIP

A terribly long time since I last posted.

Partly explained by concentration on larger projects, so no FO to publish. So here is the latest update: The preemie pile now contains a dress, cardi, 2 hats and half a blanket ( I mistakenly thought that a mitred square pattern would be quick - but knitting from the long edges in is incredibly tedious.) Here's a pic anyway.

I've also had a splurge on this cross stitch from Mirabilia "Queen of Peace". She needs a dove, back stitch, beads and metallic threads before she's ready but is going really well. Apologies if this appears sideways, as it does on the preview.

Otherwise, I am really enjoying collecting the items for my swap partner's parcel. Most of the knitting related items are now in hand, and tomorrow's objective is to find some pampering treats.

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