Saturday, 19 January 2008

Knit-year Resolutions

So the first challenge of the UK Swap is to discuss your resolutions for 2008.

Well on 1st January I only had 2 resolutions this year: 1) Start this blog and see how long I could keep it up (not doing too bad so far) and 2) Not to buy any more yarn before using up some of my stash (um, failed already!).

As already described below, I couldn't resist a skein of one of Hip Knits hand-dyed yarns when I met Kerrie at Braintree. That said, it has been used already. So Exhibit number 1 in my defence is this pair of leg-warmers for the family dancer.

I'm also going to plead mitigating circumstances for my second relapse. Earlier this week I agreed to knit for a group sending parcels to maternity units for premature and still-born babies - so I had to visit the lys to review their patterns, and somehow ended up leaving with 5 balls of baby friendly yarn as well as a decent premature sized pattern.

But in case that sounds just a little too boring, events of this week have lead to 2 more resolutions for the list: 3) No alcohol and maximum 2 caffeine drinks a day, and 4) thanks largely to Mr J Oliver and Channel 4 , eat more fibre and less processed food. We'll just have to wait to see how I manage.

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